Financial Transparency

Our system contracts with Academica Nevada, an Educational Management Organization (EMO).  As defined by NRS 388A.030, an “Educational Management Organization” (EMO) means a for-profit entity that contracts with  and is accountable to the governing body of a charter school to provide centralized support or operations, including, without limitation, educational, administrative, management, compliance  or  instructional  services or staff, to the charter school.
Academica Nevada was founded on the principle that each charter school is a unique educational environment governed by an independent Board of Directors that best knows the right path for its school. It is Academica's mission to facilitate the fulfillment of the Governing Board's vision. Academica has a proven track-record developing growing networks of high performing charter schools.
Academica Nevada’s services include facilities, finance, staffing and human resource coordination, as well as bookkeeping, budgeting, regulatory compliance and financial forecasting. Academica serves the largest number of high-performing schools of any charter school management organization in Nevada.

Please see the following reports as required by AB 419:

Academica Revenue Expenditure Report Cover Letter


Pinecrest 20-21 EMO Revenue & Expenditure Report