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Pinecrest Academy of Nevada

Grievance Policy


Pinecrest Academy of Nevada values open and proactive communication among and between the members of the school community, including parents, students, faculty, staff, administration, and the Board.  Issues that are not dealt with directly can become destructive to the school community and, therefore, detrimental to the learning process of our students.  The adults in the Pinecrest Academy community must model for its students a willingness to address conflict directly, respectfully, and at the lowest level possible, whenever possible.


As such, Pinecrest Academy will create a grievance policy consisting of four steps that is designed for settling differences in a prompt and equitable manner.  These procedures guide how any adult member of the school community – parent, employee (faculty or non-faculty), administrator, or other adult – is expected to express grievances about other members of the community.


The school’s administration and Board both expect that conflict will be addressed and proactively dealt with following the fewest number of steps possible.  The steps include:

  1. Addressing the situation directly with the other person(s) involved;

  2. Enlisting the assistance of an administrator to assist in facilitating a resolution;

  3. Preparing a written grievance for the Principal, who then reviews and acts upon that grievance as appropriate; and

  4. Preparing a written grievance for the Board of Directors, who then may choose to hear additional information at a Board meeting and will ultimately make a final decision, not subject to appeal.

It is important to emphasize that in most cases the Board will not become involved in a grievance until the final step of the process.  Board members are encouraged to refer any member of the school community who may approach them with a grievance to the school’s grievance policy and the proper process for resolving the issue.