22-23 Secondary back to school information

Monday, July 25th, 2022

Dear Secondary Families,

We are excited to share with you some information regarding the 2022-2023 bell schedule, carloop procedures and other important reminders so that you can prepare for the upcoming year.

Bell Schedule*

* High School student schedules will indicate if they are Lunch A or B.

** Middle School Lunch will be divided into both MP rooms with 6th graders in the MP Room in the Elementary building and 7th/8th Graders in the MP Room in the Secondary building.

Carloop Procedures

(Please read carefully as there have been updates to our procedures!)

General Information

AM Carloop gates will open at 7:00am.

AM Carloop will run from 7:00am-7:25am each morning.

*Students will not be permitted to enter the building until 7:10am (special exceptions will be made during inclement weather).

**Secondary students arriving after 7:25am must be dropped off in the elementary parking lot and will be directed around the building to the secondary front office to obtain a tardy pass.**

PM Carloop gates will open at 2:15pm.

PM Carloop will run from 2:15pm-2:45pm

Arriving to Carloop

Families may arrive at any time during their designated carloop window and should not line up on exterior streets early to avoid any blocking of traffic on the surrounding streets. It is not necessary to arrive early to carloop and students are not dismissed until carloop begins. Please remember to be patient and kind during carloop especially during the first few weeks of school. As our community continues to grow and welcome new families, and the area around us continues to build it creates many learning opportunities for staff and families. Please know that while carloop maybe a bit slower the first week or two, staff is doing everything they can to assure that your students are dismissed safely!


Any students entering the morning carloop by 7:25 for secondary will not be marked tardy. Any students arriving after that time will be directed to the front office and marked tardy. Please be prepared that dismissal carloops will likely run long in the first few weeks as families become familiar with the procedures.

Carloop Tags

Carloop tags will be provided at Meet the Teacher on August 12th (12:00pm-3:00pm) and at Freshman Orientation August 10th (5:00pm - 8:00pm). Parents/guardians will be required to present their ID to pick up carloop tags. Students will not be permitted to pick up their own carloop tags. Carloop tags will need to be prominently displayed on your car's dashboard for arrival and dismissal.

Sibling Care

Sibling Care will be available for the time in between Elementary and Secondary carloops. Run by Fusion, Sibling Care will be made available for families with both Elementary and Secondary students to utilize instead of traveling through both carloops. Please contact Fusion for cost and steps to register your students. For example, a family may drop off Elementary and Secondary students in the morning during Secondary carloop. The Secondary students will go straight to class and Elementary siblings will go to Sibling Care until 8:00 am when they are released to class. For dismissal, a family may pick up both Elementary and Secondary students during the Elementary carloop. Their Secondary student(s) would attend Sibling Care after Secondary dismissal and be called to carloop when their ride arrives during Elementary carloop.

Any students not picked up after both dismissal carloops will enter Fusion After Care and their standard rates will be applied. Fusion offers before school care beginning at 6am and after school care until 6pm. Please contact Fusion at, (702) 983-3353 for more information and rates for Sibling Care and before and after school care.


According to city traffic regulations, our campus is only permitted for carloop dropoff and pickup. As we reside in a largely industrial area and crosswalks cannot be approved at this time, we cannot allow for students to walk off campus to be picked up on the surrounding streets. There are some families that live in such close proximity that their student may safely walk or ride a bike. If this applies to your family and you wish for your child to be dismissed as a permitted walker, you may complete the form that will be sent out to declare that your child lives within a safe traveling distance and has a safe route of travel to their destination. Students registered as walkers will receive a walker sticker to place on their Secondary ID lanyard and be dismissed to walk or bike off campus 5 minutes prior to dismissal. They must walk straight off campus. Walkers must enter campus through the orange gates closest to the student parking lot walking along the sidewalk. Walkers exiting campus must exit through the orange gates closest to Chaparral, these students must exit right onto Chapparal to safely navigate the traffic of afternoon carloop. Afternoon Walkers must immediately leave campus. Students found loitering will be placed in Fusion After School Care and subject to the appropriate fees. A student declared as a walker may attend Sibling Care between carloop times and walk with their elementary sibling.

Pre-Kindergarten Families

Pre-K families will continue to utilize the pre-k entrance at the kinder playground and DJ’s Preschool will provide more information for their families. Siblings of Pre-k students may be dropped off at the same time and walk around the side of the building to go straight to class or Fusion Before School Care. Carloop must be utilized for sibling pickup after school.

After School Activities and Sports Drop Off and Pickup

Students attending after school activities and sports must report directly to the advisor and/or coach leading the activity immediately after the end of carloop. Students attending sports or activities that do not begin immediately after carloop will be required to leave campus or attend Fusion After Care until the time of their activity. For the safety of your students and to not disturb the Elementary school still in session, please do not allow your child to stay on campus in between carloop and an event. Students on campus must be supervised at all times. Students participating in after school activities and sports will be provided with stickers for their lanyards to indicate they are doing so. Please note that students found violating these policies will be subject to progressive discipline including the loss of access to after school activities and sports. Students who are not picked up on time from after school activities and sports during times that Fusion After Care is unavailable, will be subject to a $1 per minute fee. After 60 minutes staff will be required to notify the appropriate authorities including CPS and Henderson PD. Please be sure to communicate with your student and coach/advisor to confirm all drop off and pick up times.

Additional Updates to Policies and Procedures

Student Schedules

Student schedules will be made available the week prior to school beginning via Infinite Campus. They will also be distributed along with carloop tags on August 12th during Meet the Teacher. School counselors will be available during Meet the Teacher to assist with questions/concerns regarding schedules. Please note that while we do our best to accommodate all requests, sometimes it is not possible. Schedule change requests will only be granted for graduation requirements and course misplacements. Our school counselors can be reached via email at the following:

Middle School Counselor: Taylor Kreider

High School Counselor: Hannah Smal l-

Dual Enrollment Coordinator: Brian Lindemuth -

Student Supply Lists

Since Secondary student schedules are so unique to the individual student and the course pathways they select, students will receive their supply lists on the first day of school in each of their classes. Please review each of your student’s classes course syllabi for important information such as supply requirements, fees, grading policies etc…

Student ID Lanyards

All Secondary students will be required to wear a student ID lanyard as part of their uniform. Students will be given a grade level specific lanyard and a lanyard pouch with a temporary name badge on the first day of school. Students will take ID pictures on school picture days. High School picture day will be August 17th and Middle School will be August 18th. Once ID’s have been distributed students will need to exchange their temporary passes (walker, student driver, etc) for stickers that will be placed on the back of their ID tag. Students not wearing their lanyard after the first week of school will be subject to dress code violations and may be required to pay a replacement fee for their lanyard.

Uniform Policy Updates

We have worked hard this summer in partnership with All Uniform Wear to assure that they were supplied with all of the needs of our growing population. Please be aware that we will no longer be allowing plain polos, sweatshirts and/or jackets inside the building. We are also no longer permitting the white Pinecrest polos. Students will be expected to wear a school polo (even under a sweatshirt or jacket) and approved bottoms at all times on campus. Please see the parent student handbook for more details regarding our uniform policy.

A friendly reminder to our Dual Enrollment students who are permitted to wear free dress while on campus. Please be sure your free dress complies with the school’s free dress policy and your Dual Enrollment lanyard is worn around your neck at all times. Dual Enrollment students found outside the free dress policy will be subject to progressive discipline and repeat offenses can result in removal from the program.

One final reminder for students and families as we approach the end of summer, please remember that hair color must be a natural color to follow school dress code policies. This is a great time to book those salon appointments and get ready for back to school if you enjoyed some summer fun with your hair!

Student Drivers and Passengers of Student Drivers

In order for your student to drive onto campus they must have an approved and paid for student driver permit. The DMV 301 Attendance Form and parking permits can be acquired by reaching out to Once the process is complete students will receive an assigned parking spot and a sticker for their student ID lanyard. Students, including siblings, who intend to ride with a student driver must complete a student passenger form signed by their parent and/or guardian and the parent/guardian of the student driver. Please note that student driver passengers will only be approved in accordance with Nevada laws. Once a student passenger is approved, they will receive a student driver passenger sticker for their student ID lanyard. The student passenger forms are available at

Ways to Connect

Questions may also be asked on our Facebook page “Pinecrest Sloan Canyon” or our official Facebook group “Pinecrest Sloan Canyon Family Updates”. Please remember to be kind and courteous on social media and as always for the quickest responses please reach out to or the front office for questions needing immediate response. For questions and/or concerns regarding student behavior and/or teachers please reach out directly to our school administration (contact information found below).

Upcoming Events

  • Freshman Orientation- Wednesday, August 10th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

  • Student tours

  • Ice Breaker Activities

  • Schedule and Carloop Tag Distribution

  • Family Information Session and Barbecue

  • Meet the Teacher- Friday, August 12th from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.

  • Schedule and Carloop tag distribution

  • Sports and Activities Booths

  • Registration and Infinite Campus Questions

  • Uniform Resale

  • Locker Distribution

  • Campus tours are available for families unable to attend and wishing to see the campus prior to the start of school. More information to follow.

  • First Day of School! - Monday, August 15th

  • High School Picture Day- Wednesday, August 17th

  • Middle School Picture Day- Thursday, August 18th

  • Senior Sunrise- Friday August 19th from 5:00am - 7:15am

  • Senior Informational Assembly- Friday August 19th from 7:30am - 8:30am

We are here to help!

We understand this is a lot of information and may be a bit confusing at first. Further clarification will be provided as the school year approaches. We are committed to keeping our students safe and increasing the efficiency of our carloop procedures. We hope you are enjoying your summer and can’t wait to see you soon!


Pinecrest Sloan Canyon Administration

Lisa Satory


Stephanie Russell

High School Assistant Principal

Brittany Doran

Middle School Assistant Principal

Chris Littman

Assistant Principal Over Special Programs

Tina Lahr

Secondary Dean of Students

Justen Turner

Activities Director