Special Education

Special Education

Pinecrest Academy of Nevada's Special Education program include a continuum of support including the regular education classroom (inclusion services), instruction in the Resource Room, and a combination inclusion support and Resource Room support. All decisions are determined by the IEP team.

Related services include but are not limited to speech and language therapy and occupational therapy as determined by an IEP team based on eligibility according to state guidelines.


NRS 386.580 If the governing body of a charter school determines that the charter school is unable to provide an appropriate special education program and related services for a particular disability of a pupil who is enrolled in the charter school, the governing body may request that the board of trustees of the school district of the county in which the pupil resides transfer that pupil to an appropriate school.


In order to complete your registration, you are required to provide Pinecrest Academy the following Special Education paperwork. All the paperwork is found in your child's confidential folder at their current school.

  • Consent for Placement

  • Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Report (current)

  • Speech and Occupational Therapy Annual Reports (if your child has related services)

  • Eligibility Form

  • Current Annual IEP and any Revisions to that IEP

Your child's seat will be held until our Special Education Facilitator has received and reviewed the above documents. Your child will not be fully registered until final approval from the Special Education team.

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