accredited STEAM PROGRAM






The science curriculum at Pinecrest Academy of Nevada, follows the Next Generation Science Standards.  From kindergarten through fifth grade, students learn about life science, earth and space science, physical science, and engineering, technology, and applications of science.  Students also participate in hands-on science projects and science labs.

Basics of computer literacy are covered in each classroom from kindergarten through fifth grade.  Students have the chance to use technology each and every day!

Each class will attend our STEAM special every 6 days, there is a large emphasis in the basics of computer programming and engineering principles in this special.  Students participate in hands-on engineering projects every month!

The elementary school art program encourages artistic appreciation and expression as an integral part of the development of creative thinking. Children are encouraged to discover and develop their talents and to gain an appreciation for art. Students will have access to a multitude of art materials with which they can experiment.  These materials will be in mixed media and students are encouraged to be creative and achieve their best. Along with making art, students will learn about art history through references to artists and to art created in different cultures. 


The mathematics curriculum will be aligned with NCTM Principles and Nevada Academic Content Standards for Mathematics by grade level for grades K-5. Mathematics activities also include mental math, math stories, math games, and competitions.